How I edit my instagram pictures

Instagram is a great application for me, I absolutely love it ! I love to spend time there, looking at fitness and cats pictures and I wish I could spend even more time there ! According to nowadays’minimalist trend (white everywhere), I have to edit my pictures to add more lighting, especially since my iPhone aims to take dark pictures (the nightmare !)

When I watch YouTube videos or blogs, most instagrammers use Vsco Cam and their pictures are incredible. When I download (and re-dowloaded) this app, I never got the same results. My pictures were either the way they were or too modified. Moreover, I was not fan of their filter so I gave up.

This app is to mainly add brightness to pictures. I love it since their brightness quality is very good. We can also add more filters, such as contrast, shadows or temperature of the pictures… I use it sometimes but not mainly.

My favourite app, my instagram bible is Afterlight. I love this application can we can add a lot of free filters and pictures frames. I use the settings of the picture in this app where I modify brightness, contrast saturation and the temperature of the picture. I try to calm down regarding contrast and saturation to make sure the picture still looks real. I don’t have any specific degree, I modify according to the picture’s needs. However, I often use 100% of brightness and contrast. Regarding the frame, I go with a 50%.

What are your apps and favourite filters to edit your instagram pictures ?


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