My fit and healthy journey

If you are following my blog and my Instagram account, you probably know that I am following the Kayla Itsines BBG workout plan. I just finished month #2 (66% of the program) and I wanted to give you a quick overview of what changed into me. This “fitness journey” is amazing so far and not only change my body but changed a lot more, especially regarding what I put inside and outside of my body.

At first, I did not change much in my eating habits. I was 2-3 months back home, eating the food I was raised on and I quickly found out I was not losing weight. Only working out was not working for me. Before the BBG, I was going to the gym and following every class at 6:30pm at the gym: zumba, body pump, CX works, body attack, body sculpt and body cycling. I was going to the gym 6 days a week, not losing anything. I then reminded myself that I should either visit a dietician or re-do the BBG program which helped me lose weight 2 years back. I started the BBG and I did not lose much in the first month – or until my food habit changed. It took time and it was not easy but I told myself I did not lose time getting up earlier, hurrying up through the gym for no results. The food was the “easy” part to change. I started by cooking myself eggs in the morning that I then replaced by smoothies or overnight oats. Then I started to bring my lunch at work because the food they sell is way too caloric and I took the habit this way. I now eat lots of fruits and veggies, I deleted fried/refined/fat food such as candies, cookies, butter, milk, orange juice, pasta, fries and so much more. I also checked my calories import through the “fat secret” app, which is calculating my daily macros and makes sure I am eating enough proteins. I absolutely love the food I eat and I don’t think I could go back to eat plain cookies or fries: I don’t think my body would accept it and I would prefer some tasty smoothies instead of plain calories.

As I was taking more care of my body from the inside, I started to wonder what I was putting on the outside. The entire world is scandalized over endocrine disruptors we can find everywhere and I started to wonder what my skin is eating. I therefore started to stop using highly chemical products to buy and use less skin aggressive products, such as organic deodorants without aluminum salt as well as organic makeup.


By putting all these products inside and outside of my body, I already see different changes: My skin is glowing and my nails are so much stronger! Every day I get happier over my new life and I hope I will never go back to fast food because I know how easy and fulfilling it can be, but it cannot be a lifetime solution to stay and remain healthy.




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