5 tips to stay fit when you are sick

When I get sick I cannot exercise, which seems logical : the body needs all its functions to heal properly. Moreover, it gets weaken, it doesn’t need any extra effort. Therefore, it is so easy to forget all the good habits I took during the past months to get back to no-workout mode and comforting food.

Read below to see how you can heal faster in a healthy way !

1. Pay a visit to your doctor

That is really important, people. If you are sick you need medicine to get better ! I am not a fan of going to the doctor and I always think it will get better, but it does not, and I end up going there anyways 2 days later than I should. It is the moment to get a complete check, maybe get some injections or blood test, know what is really going on with my body, and get the appropriate medicine. Shortcut to any cold !

2. Drink lot of fluids

I am sure you already heard of this one, but it is also important in order to get the toxins out and renew the 75% water we have in our bodies. I also know it is hard to get the water in with a sore throat, so I usually go for tea. Therefore, I try to drink tea the whole day (green tea and herbal tea). And more the water is hot, the better it feels for my throat !

3. Eat healthy

Being sick is not an excuse to eat junk food, even if the temptation is here. Again, your body needs nutriment to heal faster, which means proteins, carbs, fats and vitamins to help the immune system to reset. Unfortunately, eating empty calories will not help the cells. However, I do not recommend to really count on calories. I am usually not really hungry so I do not count my portions and sizes.

4. Get supplements

It is maybe time to check vitamins levels and personally because of my heavy workout my immune system got low and it is much easier to get a cold this way. Therefore, I bought chewable pills of C vitamins to help my body to get back on track. According to my boss, it was time to threat my poor body !

5. Sleep enough

During the time I spent in Canada, I learned one thing : You only get better from a cold by sleeping. This time, I decided to sleep more. Since I am working I cannot modulate the time when I wake up so I went to bed earlier. I slept on average +7h30 of sleep. I felt more refreshed and again it helped my body to really focus on my cold and to regenerate faster. I heard that to get cured from a cold we need at least 2 nights of a straight 8 hours of sleep.

During all this long process of healing, I am not recommending you to go to the gym. It is totally fine to miss one or two weeks and it is always time to get back on track when we’re totally cured.

What are your tips to get rid of a cold ?



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