Tips to workout in the morning

If you follow my BBG journey, you know I exercise in the morning. I’ve decided to do so because there is way less people in the morning and there is always at least one free room to exercise. At night (late afternoon), all the rooms are taken for collective workout and I don’t feel like doing my workout in the middle of cardio equipment!

Here are the 5 tips I put in place to keep myself energized and to have a good start in my days:

  • Get up earlier: Unfortunately peeps, that’s compulsory. I wake up 45 minutes earlier, which I think is okay. I never hit the snooze button and I use both my iPhone and Fitbit to wake up. Finally, I synchronize my alarm with a song that I like and I wake up in a good mood! Always remember that the hardest part is to get up. 5 minutes after we already feel much better and ready to kick the day!
  • Eat a real breakfast: It is very important to have a REAL breakfast, especially before working out and avoid dizziness due to a lack of sugar (trust me, I’ve been there). Usually, I make overnight oats, I mix either oats or quinoa with milk and I put everything in the fridge overnight. Otherwise, I make myself a smoothie that also stays in the fridge overnight.
  • Prepare your gym equipment the night before: make sure to pack your keys, gym pass, clean clothes, towel, soap, makeup and shoes, because when you will be in a rush the next morning, you don’t want to look for any of these!
  • Apply light makeup: I am one of these people who wear light makeup but I cannot go out without it! If you can, good for you and go ahead. I personally put some moisturizing cream and I apply makeup on my eyes. I keep the BBcream and the blush for after.
  • Prepare the « after »: After I sweat, I take time to have a good shower, to dry and style my hair and to reapply makeup. When I arrive to the office, I make sure I still have a bit of time to fill my water bottle and I usually eat a snack 20-30 minutes after.

Good luck!

Do you have any tips to go faster in the morning to get ready?


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