Exciting morning breakfast to give a fresh start to your day !

I believe waking up every morning and get out of my bed is the hardest thing to do every day. However, if I plan ahead what breakfast I will eat, I always feel motivated and can not wait to get up to eat what I have planned.

I have decided to share with you my favourite breakfast meals. Hope it can inspire you and also motivates you straight in the morning!

  1. Peanut butter/banana breakfast :

This is my absolute favourite solid food. All you need is rye bread (apparently the best bread in the world, full of amazing ingredients), peanut butter (for the proteins and good fat) and a banana (good carbs = energy in the morning). I cut the rye bread into two separate pieces to pretend I actually eat 2 toasts. I spread peanut butter on it and add the bananas (I believe you can spread a yogurt or another nut butter if you prefers). I love to add a sprinkle of chia seeds (packed with anti-oxidants) as well as a bit of honey (good sources of sugar and amazing for sore throats).

  1. Smoothies

I have 2 options here: either I can buy pre-made fruits mix (in small plastics bags) or I can always make my own. For the one I buy, I love the strawberries-raspberries-blueberries and banana ones. I sometimes add a bit of vanilla-soy protein powder. For the one I make, I opt for a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few chestnuts and a tiny bit of milk mixed with water. This this is so delicious I usually drink my 500mL without breathing. It is also very filling and perfect before heading to the gym!

  1. Budha bowl

I can literally eat that every day. It is pretty expensive (around 10€ for a pack) but very nutritious, filling and very healthy (packed with good stuff only as well). I usually pour 3 tablespoons of powder in my bowl (around 50gramms) and I pour hot water (50 secs in the microwave). I mix everything together and add a banana. It is not good looking but I guarantee you, it is delicious!

  1. Pancakes

No, I did not get nuts. I am talking about the 2 ingredients-protein packed pancakes ! it takes time so I usually cook this on Saturday morning (weight reward !). I mix one mashed and ripe banana with 2 eggs and pour 2 tablespoons of the liquid mix in a hot pan. Let it cook 2 minutes on each side. You can make an incredible amount of pancakes with just these 2 ingredients! I love to add cinnamon and chocolate chips on top of it.

Taking a real breakfast is very important before working out. If you do not eat anything before hitting the gym, your body will directly eat your muscles instead of « burning the fat zone ». Moreover, these breakfasts are divided into the 3 macros and are therefore filling and complete for your body. Finally, because of the added sugar, it is recommended to eat 2 fruits per day and «  vegetables. With the added banana, you have to eat another fruit during the say!

What is your favourite breakfast to eat?

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